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The Page of Boobs - Old-School and Still Running!

Though submissions to it might’ve slowed down somewhat, The Page of Boobs is still running after 17 years, in the same format it’s always had, no less! That’s pretty impressive.

In fact, I went from “fan and visitor of the site” to “submitter of stuff to it” in only a few short years, and now I finally got one of my drawings (as a slightly altered version) up as a Title Graphic!

I’ve always wanted to post stuff there, but there was this little matter of “me sucking at drawing” to deal with. I got good enough to eventually post stuff there, but I can’t stop now. I can only get better from there!

So, check it out! You, uh, might have to refresh the page a few times, though, as there’s more than one Title Graphic, and it’s randomly generated.

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